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Mexico has designed several different immigration visas, depending upon your intentions for remaining in this country.

The most basic is the FM-T, or tourist card, which allows visitors to remain in Mexico up to six months, without working. The FM-T may be renewed by simply leaving Mexico within the allotted six-month period, and then reentering the country.

The FM-3 is designed for those who wish to live at least part time in Mexico, but do not necessarily intend to make it their permanent home. To be granted a FM-3, you must prove you have sufficient resources to be financially independent, or meet certain requirements to be able to work or own a business in Mexico. FM-3 "Rentista" status is available to anyone with a monthly income (from investments, social security or other retirement) of somewhat less than $1,000 USD minimum, plus under $500 USD for each dependent. If one owns property in Mexico, the amount of income required is reduced by nearly one-half. An individual with FM-3 status, because of the non-permanency of their residency, is allowed to own and operate foreign-plated vehicles in Mexico (see below for additional information).

The FM-2 status is designed for those who intend to permanently reside in Mexico, with qualifications only slightly more stringent than FM-3 requirements. After five years of successfully meeting the requirements of FM-2 (including restricted time out of Mexico), one may apply for "Inmigrado" status, which allows you to enjoy most of the rights and privileges of Mexican citizens, the primary exception being the right to vote. Inmigrado status does not require you give up your native citizenship, but holders may freely work and remain in Mexico without annual renewals of immigration papers.



Since 1995 Casa Mexico Real Estate established in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico is prowd to sell the best residentials in the zone. If you want to buy or sell a home contact one of our professional sales agent

If you are planning for retirement and thinking about Mexico, consider the sunny northern shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest freshwater lake. With a community of more than 7,000 seasonal and full time foreign residents who call "Lakeside" home, Ajijic (ah-hee-heek) has one of the world's two best climates and a low cost of living. This pre-colonial village in Western Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains makes for unparalleled living in a quaint Mexican village with all the services and amenities of lovely Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city, only about 30 minutes away.

A bit about life in our wonderful village of Ajijic...

Ajijic has numerous active social groups in the area including The Lake Chapala Society, with more than 3,100 members, bridge clubs, garden clubs, the American Legion, and the Lakeside Little Theater, to name a few of the more than 40 active clubs and charitable organizations. A variety of classes, including art, handicrafts, music and, of course, español, are available, as well as sports such as tennis, golf, walking, boating and fishing! The concerts, art galleries, and restaurants will delight your senses. Why Not Give Mexico a Try?

About Ajijic Casa Mexico Real Estate...

Broker Adolfo Duràn, moved back to Ajijic from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in 1990. He has been actively involved in all aspects of real estate since 1993. Adolfo founded Casa Mexico Real Estate in 1995, and is a member of, and/or has held various offices in: GIL, MLS, AMPI, NAR and CANACO, and holds a CIPS designation from NAR.

Real Estate Services...

We have homes for sell, homes for rent and lots for sale in Ajijic, Chapala, Chapala Haciendas, Chula Vista, Chula Vista Norte, Cuyutlan, El Chante, El Limón, Galápagos, Guadalajara, Ixtlahuacán, Jaltepec, Jocotepec, La Calera, La Canacinta, La Cristina, La Floresta, Las Fuentes, Las palmas, Las Redes, Las Salvias, Libramiento, Lomas del Manglar, Mirasol, Nuevo Chapala, Puesta del Sol, Rancho del Oro, Raquet Club, Redes de Chapala, Riberas del Pilar, Riviera Alta, San Antonio, San Juan Cosalá, San Juan Tecomatlán, San Nicolás, Santa Cruz, Tlachichilco, Villa Nova, Vista Alegre y Vista del Lago.

El mejor clima del mundo enLa Ribera de Chapala

El Lago de Chapala se encuentra situado a una altitud de 1,525 metros, en el suroeste de la Sierra Madre, siendo el lago natural más grande de México.  Las montañas que rodean el lago propician un clima / considerado el mejor en el mundo entero.

Las orillas del Lago de Chapala se encuentran rodeadas de pequeños y tranquilos pueblos.  Con su clima ideal y estilo de vida pacíficos, se pueden encontrar hermosos paisajes a un bajo costo de vida.  Es por ello que el lago de Chapala se ha convertido en el sitio ideal para visitantes, extranjeros y jubilados.

La costa norte del Lago de Chapala, también llamada la Ribera de Chapala, se encuentra a 45 minutos al sur de la ciudad de Guadalajara, la segunda ciudad más grande de México, y aproximadamente a 35 minutos del Aeropuerto Internacional de Guadalajara,  ofreciendo así un acceso cómodo y estratégico hacia otros destinos como lo es Puerto Vallarta, la Costa Alegre (Manzanillo, Barra de Navidad, Melaque), Morelia, Zacatecas, Pátzcuaro y San Miguel de Allende entre otras de gran interés, con vías carreteras y autopistas seguras.


. Hacienda Aldama

. La Nueva Posada

. La Casa de la Abuela

. Hotel Real de Chapala

. Hotel Montecarlo


. Tobolandia

. Balneario San Juan Cosala

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